Sustainable Finance Stream Introduction
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Protected natural areas are often managed with limited budgets that are insufficient to support long-term conservation objectives. While these budgets continue to decrease, the demands from Protected Areas are on the increase. In addition to protecting biodiversity and ecosystem processes, protected areas are also expected to provide clean air and water and support tourism and recreational activities.

In this context, the primary objective of the Sustainable Finance Stream is to highlight the opportunities and associated challenges of developing sustainable finance solutions for protected areas and protected area systems.

Participants at the meeting will be introduced to a wide range of financial arrangements and options for the generation of revenues. Emphasis will be placed on the development of a business-model approach to Protected Areas management. The Stream will provide the participants with necessary elements to develop strategies to not only meet their long-term funding needs but also overcome institutional and policy barriers. The Sustainable Finance Stream will bring together experts and practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds to put forth recommendations that address key issues concerning the long-term financial viability of protected areas.