WIN Communications Session
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Tuesday 17 September 2013
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Jackie Eager, Government of Australia
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Eileen de Ravin, Equator Initiative


World Indigenous Network Communications Session
10:00 – 11:00

The World Indigenous Network has a vision of connecting indigenous and local community land and sea managers to share best practices on ecosystem management, the protection of nature, and sustainable livelihoods. The Equator Initiative, a UNDP-led partnership, has assumed leadership of the World Indigenous Network and will guide it through its next phase of development.   

This session, which looked at the World Indigenous Network and the role of the Equator Initiative in guiding it through the next phase of development, included presentations by Eileen de Ravin, Manager of the Equator Initiative; Jackie Eager, Government of Australia; and, David Ainsworth, Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).  The dialogue included an explanation of how the Equator Initiative and the World Indigenous Network would relate to one another, as well as inputs from participants on how indigenous and local community land and sea managers could be involved going forward. Local and indigenous community participants were then deputized as WIN ambassadors, and provided with “Ask me about the World Indigenous Network" badges to help spread the word about WIN amongst other UNCCD participants.

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